#Data4COVID19 is a series of projects undertaken by The GovLab—with partners such as the OECD, Open Data Charter, Luce Foundation, Microsoft, Rockefeller Foundation, SDSN TRENDS, World Economic Forum, University of Washington, and others—to identify, collect, and analyze the value data can provide to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

#Data4COVID19 Call for Action is a roadmap explaining how organizations can use innovative data sources—such as those derived through data collaboration—to address COVID-19 and future threats in a responsible, systematic, and sustainable way. The Call for Action has been co-signed by almost 500 individuals. All of the below projects are responses to the Call for Action.


The #Data4Covid19 Review

Reviewing Data-Driven Responses to the Pandemic: Lessons from the Around the World

#Data4COVID Data Collaborative Repository

A collection of almost 300 data collaboratives, data competitions, requests for proposals, and other innovative public- and private-sector data work seeking to address the pandemic.

#Data4COVID Mobility Data Collaborative Repository

A collection of data collaboratives that make use of data about mobility to support decision-making regarding pandemic prevention, monitoring, and response.

OECD–GovLab Call for Evidence on the Use of Open Government Data

A living collection, supported by the OECD Digital Government and Data Unit and The GovLab, of uses of open government data on issues related to COVID-19.


Developing a Governance Framework Building Capacity for Data Demand Establishing Data Stewardship and Building a Network Engaging People Unlocking Funds

Developing a Governance Framework

The Call for Action emphasizes that public actors, private actors, and civil society should work together to develop a governance framework for the trusted reuse of privately-held data toward the public interest.

Contracts for Data Collaboration

Understanding Public–Private Data Sharing Agreements: A living document meant to provide non-legal practitioners a better understanding of the key questions they need to address for fair, accountable, transparent, and functional data sharing agreements amid dynamic contexts such as COVID-19.

Open Data Policy Lab

A Microsoft-supported center to accelerate responsible re-use of data for the benefit of society on issues such as COVID-19 response. The initiative seeks to lower barriers to collaboration and build expertise among stakeholders.

Building Capacity for Data Demand

The Call for Action emphasizes the importance of building organizational capacity to ask and formulate questions on the types of data use needed by the public.

Open data in action: initiatives during the initial stage of the COVID-19 pandemic

A report, prepared with the OECD, to assess how mucuh open government data was used to respond to the COVD-19 pandemic from March through July 2020.

Data4COVID19 Topic Mapping

An ongoing effort to identify the themes and priorities in COVID-19 response efforts and to find gaps in existing data-driven initiatives to address the effects of COVID-19.

Open COVID-19 Data

A project undertaken with the Open Data Charter and others to identify high value open data in a pandemic using the Data4COVID19 Topic Mapping.

Establishing Data Stewardship and Building a Network

The Call for Action encourages organizations to create and promote data stewards who can coordinate on and collaborate around data for the public good.

Data Stewards Network

With support of the Rockefeller Foundation, we are building a network of responsible data leaders empowered by their organizations to proactively initiate, facilitate, and coordinate data collaboration in the public interest. Its work might be used to help them address coronavirus-related issues.

Engaging People

The Call for Action suggests organizations engage the public in how their data will be responsibly used, re-used, and protected.

The Data Assembly

An initiative undertaken with support from the Henry Luce Foundation to solicit diverse, actionable public input on data re-use for crisis response on the pandemic and beyond in the United States

Opening up data to meet local needs

Guidance developed with the Open Data Charter on how to host open data meetups in virtual spaces amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unlocking Funds

The Call for Action advocates for the creation of innovative mechanisms to allocate funds and create incentives for systematic, sustainable, and responsible data collaboration.

#Data4COVID19 Africa Challenge

AFD, Expertise France, and The GovLab are seeking ideas and proposals that (re)use data to provide actionable insight on COVID-19 in Africa.

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If these projects interest you, you might also be interested in The GovLab’s Covid Course, a collective intelligence course which aims to improve responses to COVID-19.